Shop Inspector

Observe in a discreet and targeted manner to detect gestures and behaviors of malicious people who aim to steal your items and products.

  • Observation
  • Vigilance
  • Prevention
  • Deterrence
  • Catching in the Act

The more accessible your products to consumers, the more they will want to touch them, try them, manipulate them.
So the best way to maximize sales and minimize theft is the direct supervision ensuring product accessibility and thus ensuring its effective promotion.
VSS inspectors undertake to substantially reduce the risk of theft while preserving an atmosphere conducive to the sale. Discretion and attendance are the best guarantee.


Complaints are sent by mail, fax or email. For any complaint, the VSS head of complaints will contact the complainant initially to validate in detail the grounds and reasons for the complaint. This contact shall be drawn to the coordinates left by the complainant. The complaint will then be processed according to the internal procedures established by VSS. A verbal follow up written or sent by email will be provided as requested by the complainant.

inspecteur magasin Tunisie

inspecteur magasin Tunisie