The heart profession of safety and security activities and classical monitoring is an essential component. It guarantees the performance and optimization of benefits. Customers should be able to count on experienced staff qualified in surveillance and prevention for all sectors, industry logistics through distribution, services and events.

The job description :

The qualified security guard protects the real and personal property as well as the natural or legal persons directly or indirectly related to the safety of property.

Job tasks :

- Access Control
- Watching of sites
- Aid and assistance to people, protection and warning of accident or exceptional event.

Subordination :

The qualified safety officer is under the authority of a line manager coaching his company (team leader – chief – Site Manager – controller).

Detailed tasks :

Home & access control: Host missions and access control are the first link in the chain of security. They are exercised within the strict framework of special instructions of the position. They exclude particular stains administrative, logistics and protocol likely to divert the agent of its task of managing staff inputs and outputs, providers and the user company’s customers.

General monitoring :

- Perform monitoring round on site according to the instructions in force.
- Treat anomalies in application of post orders.
- Use the technical possibilities of the monitoring system available.
- Ensure the alarm management.
Protection and relief to people, warning of accident or exceptional event (excluding support missions for the disabled):
- Take precautionary measures (setting up a security perimeter)
- Give alert
- Facilitate and guide the rescue